SS14 Silk Embroidered Polkadot Scarf

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The Piece
the Piece


- Beautiful black on black polkadot fabric
- Made in Italy
- Composed of embroidered silk

Collection: SS14
Condition: New
Measurements: 31 cm x 176cm, Fringes: 7 cm 
Retail: 500€
the Collection

Spring/Summer 2014 marked a new beginning for the brand as it was Haider’s first official menswear debut. The show was intimate in scope, held in a former archives space in the Marais district of Paris. The collection was full of wardrobe staples such as tailored jackets and trousers, hoodies, sweaters and elegant shoes all executed in the most luxurious silks, cottons and leathers one can desire. True fans will recognize a variety of styles first introduced in SS14 when looking at his more recent collections. Spring/Summer 2014 features some of the most rare and desired pieces of Haider’s catalog. 

"Haider has a good relationship with his inner world," "It's a motive for what he makes. He allows himself to leave rationality. It's not 'what do we need: trousers, a sweater and a pair of sneakers?' He goes beyond necessity, which is what true luxury is. Who needs a silk peignoir? You don't need anything made of silk or velvet, but you dream about it. He's cultivating people's dreams." - Katerina Jebb, photographer and artist.