Light-Grey Pleated Regular Fit Trousers

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The Piece
about the brand 
Issey Miyake counts as one of the most famous Japanese fashion designers. He co-paved the way for much of what is celebrated as modern asian style. Most people know his work in the form of a small conical bottle: L’Eau d’Issey, Issey Miyake’s perfume. 
Issey Miyake studied graphic design in Tokyo. After graduating in 1964, he worked as a design assistant at Guy Laroche and later at Givenchy.
He worked in London, as-well in New York with Geoffrey Beene, one of the big apple's most famous fashion designers, known for his artistic and technical skills as well as for creating simple, comfortable and elegant women's clothing. He returned to Tokyo in 1970, a year before founding his own design studio. His clothes quickly made him famous during the Japanese movement in the mid-1980s, which also included Comme des Garçons' Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawabuko. 
In the Asian tradition, the fabric is at the center of design, not the figure. The designer brought this self-evidence to the West. Miyake had models pinned on the catwalk, which were wrapped in wild textile sculptures. The designer there started to make works of art out of people.
Western fashion designers put the body at the center of their designs and tried to make the person wearing the clothing appear as advantageous as possible, Miyake thought the human body was not the object, but only the medium of clothes. Instead of tracing or emphasizing the body lines like the other designers, he broke through them. His clothes consist of rectangular shapes, of pleated circles lined up, and he always lets the wearer some freedom in how to style it. 
Issey Miyake’s experimental permanent pleating technique was first used by him in 1988 and now defines the celebrated designer’s contemporary menswear line Homme Plissé Issey Miyake collection, which was founded by him in 2013, which includes these unique pair of trousers. 

Being brainchild of the Japanese designer, the technically driven pleated pants are the perfect combo of sporty aesthetics and avant-garde stylings with a unique texture that makes them stand out in any occasion. 

about the piece 
One thing that Issey Miyake has always had a lot of interest for, fabric technology. In Japan there is a long tradition of folding fabrics and Issey Miyake rediscovered this technique for the late 20th century. He designed clothes that got their shape not from the cut, but from a fold. They were lightweight polyester fabrics that were artfully folded and then ironed. This is how dresses came into always finding back to their shape, even if they were crumpled up in a bag.



Brand: Homme Plisse Issey Miyake
Collection: Permanent
Retail Price: 375€
Fit: Mid-rise, Straight leg, Size 3 fits best for a 31-32 waist
Condition: Brand new with tags
Material: 100% Polyester