Arabic Cocaine Logo Hoodie

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Size: S
The Piece
the Piece

Vetements has always been a brand that has not only had exceptional approaches to choosing its designs and ethics within the brand, but also a brand that loves to polarize. Vetements seems to have a very open attitude towards drugs, at least when it comes to designing their clothing and accessories. Some of these contain clear elements of the drug scene, such as grinders, cigarette cases or coke spoons. This hoodie is one example for Vetements drug references, as it adorns the word "cocaine" in Arabic. 

This Piece is a sample and was not released officially. Probably only a few of these exist worldwide.

Brand: Vetements
Designer: Demnach Gvasalia
Fit: very Cropped 
Condition: Brand new with tags 
Retail Price: 690€
Measurements (S): 
Back Length: 56 cm 
Pit to Pit: 51 cm
Shoulders: 54 cm
Sleeves: 55 cm